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1PTS TracerPlus Connect for Excel  v. / Spreadsheets$196.99Trial5.7 Mb
2Connect Four  v.1.1.0Games / Strategy & WarFreeFreeware337 Kb
3Connect  v.2.01Games / Strategy & War-Shareware961 Kb
4Connect Five  v.1.0Games / BoardFreeFreeware1.34 Mb
5Py Connect Four  v.1.0Games / BoardFreeFreeware1.31 Mb
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1Export Query to Excel for SQL Server Professional  v.1.06.49Development / Databases & NetworksFreeFreewareDetail

Connect Window is a handy application if you need to export the results from a database query. The program allows you to save them to an Excel file for later use. There are two methods to connect: with predefined data source or using direct

0 Kb
2Excel to MySQL Import, Export & Convert  v.1.2Business / Spreadsheets$19.82SharewareDetail

Connect Excel to your MySQL database. This Excel Add-in allows you to import and export tables to (and from) MySQL while you work in Excel. No SQL query knowledge needed.

5.7 Mb
3Excel FoxPro Import, Export & Convert Software  v.7.0Business / Database Management$29.99SharewareDetail

Use Excel as a front-end interface to a FoxPro database. Use Excel to import and export tables to and from FoxPro databases. Read and write tables to and from Excel without SQL knowledge. Excel 2000 or higher required.

9.79 Mb
4Actual ODBC Driver for Access  v.1.6Utilities / Miscellaneous$29.00DemoDetail

With the ODBC driver for Access, you can connect to Microsoft Access databases and import data directly into an Excel spreadsheet or a FileMaker database. There is no need for an intermediary Windows PC - this driver reads data from the database file

7.3 Mb
5Report genie  v.1.2Business / Database Management-SharewareDetail

Easy database reporting to Excel, with scheduling

2.71 Mb
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1Devart Excel Add-ins  v.1.8Business / Database Management$99.95Shareware4.9 Mb

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2Excel FTP Software  v.7.0Business / Presentation Tools$19.99Shareware8.95 Mb

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3Excel to MySQL Import, Export & Convert  v.1.2Business / Spreadsheets$19.82Shareware5.7 Mb

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4Excel Add-in for QuickBooks  v.1.7Business / Database Management$99.95Shareware4.82 Mb

excel add-ins, quickbooks excel, excel quickbooks, excel plugin, connect excel qb

5CZ-All2Xls  v.2.0Business / SpreadsheetsFreeware1.2 Mb

lotus 123 to excel, xml to excel, mth to excel, csv to excel, text to excel, dbf to excel, wk4 to excel, wk3 to excel, wk1 to excel, access mdb to excel, wks to excel, wq1 to excel, slk to excel, dif to excel

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